Concentric Squares
Painting With Light
Pinhole Gallery
Beach At Night
City At Night
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A series of Oil Paintings by Gavin Luker.

Oil on Canvas                 24" x 24"

 Gavin Luker B.A. (Hons) Fine Art.

Gavin Luker’s work is known for its aesthetic quality and underlying reflective message.  He draws inspiration from contrasts in light, tone and dimension and aims to inspire the viewer to see behind what is obvious.

The oil paintings from the “Concentric Squares” series uses deliberately simple geometric patterns focused around a common centre.  Motivation is taken from the artist’s own emotions and has taken inspiration from the the work of Mark Rothko.  Here you can clearly see how subtle but clear changes in the colour and tone add volume and depth to the painting. Whilst each painting is similar in design each is totally unique and individual, separated by the infinite shades of one colour or the amount of geometric patterns presented in each painting. 

Gavin Luker has many private and commercial buyers including Maersk Sealand who own almost 40 original pieces.  He has exhibited extensively around London, including The Henry Moore Gallery at The Royal College of Art.  He has exhibited with Tracey Emin, Thierry Bal and Richard Curredan.  His works have also been exhibited in the Olmec Gallery at Heathrow Terminal 2.